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Laser mazes

Our company manufactures laser labyrinths for escape rooms and game rooms of all sizes. When designing laser labyrinths, we adhere to the specified standards for the power of laser radiation, so as not to exceed the permissible power above the allowed. Any electronics for game room should take this into account. Do not forget about the health of people who come to you to get a good mood and pleasant impressions of the game.

Basic properties 

The number of lasers can be changed.
The control board supports up to 16 laser modules. To increase the number of lasers, control modules can be grouped together.


From the 3D model to the product

Appearance and idea of the product


Materials and method of manufacturing

The product is made of:
- Aluminum composite
- aluminum


Electronics and filling

The product includes:
- controller of lasers and receiving blocks (photodetectors)
- control unit for light, siren, power equipment
- counter and touch indicator