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Control systems for game rooms, escape rooms

We present to your attention a group of control systems for quest / game and entertainment rooms / robots. The whole room and device control system is based on the Ethernet protocol

1. Main board of the product - communicates with the server, interrogates the sensors, controls the motors, light, etc.

2. Main audio board - has 3 channels for MP3 and switch between channels for voice commands via microphone.

3. Expansion board to control a large group of power devices.

4. Expansion board for simultaneous interrogation of 4 RFID readers and a group of magnetic field sensors (by expanding the main board it is possible to poll up to 32 sensors simultaneously)

5. Various adapters. This is just a small part of the products manufactured, for tasks of controlling complex mechanisms, animatronics, robots, there are much more sophisticated electronics.

Basic properties 

- All boards are manufactured at the factory
- The documentation for the boards was developed by Desem-3D LLC


From document to product

Appearance and idea of the product


Materials and method of manufacturing

All boards used in products are factory-made, manufactured according to our drawings and schemes


Electronics and filling